Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

Click the "Plan My Trip!" button and begin filling out the questionnaire. After completion, you will receive a confirmation email and will hear from us within 48 hours.

What will my personalized itinerary include?

Your itinerary will include meals and activities based on your group's picks from filling out the form, along with directions on how to travel by subway. Also, our company will provide you with a bonus document, which will include how to ride the subway, apps you'll want to download, best places to purchase souvenirs, and how to see NYC like a local.

What if there is something I want to do that is not included on the list?

One of the questions is a spot to fill-in-the-blank to let us know: "My trip to NYC would not be complete without…" You would fill in something you want to see, do, or eat that is not on the list.

What if someone in my group has an allergy or needs wheelchair accessibility?

There is a place on the form to indicate that under the "special accommodations" question.

Will your company help with my lodging, airfare, and/or ticket purchasing?

Sorry, at this time we don't have the personnel to handle these requests.

How can I stay connected to My Trip to New York City?

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter, Like us on Facebook, and sign up for our monthly newsletter. Newsletter subscribers will receive a free mini-kit to help you see NYC like a local.